What is this?

This website is an easier way for me to share links with you all at school and at home! Anytime we use a website for research, fun, or extra practice, you can find it here. It is also a way for you and your parents to quickly find information about what's going on!

When you are at home you can explore the links listed with your family, and continue your learning outside of school!

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Game Links

This tab is for links to educational games for students! There are links for students to go to trustworthy websites where they can practice their typing, math, reading, science and geography skills while having fun.


This tab is for links to trustworthy websites where students can research projects without too many ads, or saving of research history. As always make sure to supervise your student while they are on the computer and guide them in judging the integrity of the websites they use as resources. 


If you ever forget my contact information it is listed at the bottom of the website or you can go to this tab to email me directly.

Classroom Update

This tab shows you the most recent newsletters as well as shows you volunteer opportunities in the school and in the classroom.

James Madison Charter Academy

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School Phone: (719)-391-3977

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Monday - Friday: 7:15am - 4:00pm